Revolut bad experience and Russian Ties

I just read this
and its comments on HN:

I didn’t know Revolut has russian ties. That might be an issue sooner or later. especially if the US-RU relationship get worse…

Anyway I don’t know any better Credit Card company (or Debit Card, since R is a debit card…)

I’ve been using TransferWise’s debit Mastercard for a bit now for EUR payments… slightly more expensive than Revolut (but much cheaper than standard credit cards), but TW is actually a profitable company and is likely to be around in a similar form in 5 years… you also get your own IBAN with them (mine is DE, not sure how it works when holding GBP, USD, etc.).

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As long as you don’t see those services as anything more than a fancy prepaid credit card, that is nothing of concern. Are there really people that use those as banks for their savings?

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So founder’s dad is Russian, now what, mr racist? Stick to facts and leave nationality factor out of this, this isn’t the 19th century you know

Nonetheless I agree there is enough other dirt that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable with them and I’m looking for alternatives currently. Anyone successfuily tried N26 and willing to share his/her experience?

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