Revolut Alternative (Virtual Credit Card - Instant Deposit)


Depositing with Revolut used to be free, but not anymore.
I am looking for an alternative to Revolut. Because its fee is really high and I am bored to pay all the time. I don’t want to use their premium package.

Well, today I wanted to deposit 50 CHF but the fee is 0.58 CHF. This is crazy every time.

I need 2 things

  • I can create virtual credit cards
  • I should be able to deposit immediately from my PostFinance account.

Is there any alternatives? Thank you

Bank transfers to revolut are still free.
Card transfers cost a fee.


I don’t know any other service that allows creation of multiple virtual credit cards for free. Oh, I don’t use Wise.

Non Instant Bank Transfer: Free
Instant: Not Free (or buy Premium)


And making a “non-instant bank transfer” with a bank which execute payments almost immediately (e.g., neon, during banking hours) results in topping up your Revolut account in less than an hour from my experience.


Did something sneak past my due diligence?

I don’t know what is available at Wise because I don’t use it.
I don’t use Wise because I don’t need it, not because I know that there is something wrong with them.

I use both Wise and Revolut. It’s convenient for travelling abroad to mix Visa and Mastercard + doubling the free withdrawals limits.

On Wise, you can also have a virtual cards that you can setup with Apple Pay on your phone.

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