RESOLVED: how to remove virtual FX position in IB

Hello everybody!
I converted some USD into CHF on Interactive Brokers recently using a limit forex order, and withdrew this money to my Swiss bank. Now I have a virtual FX position in my portfolio on USD.CHF with some negative balance. How do I remove it with IB online interface?
Thank you!

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In Account window, right click, then adjust position. Set position to 0

Thank you! I work from the browser, so when I right-click I get a normal browser menu (copy, paste etc.). If I click the triple dots to the right, I only see “buy”, “sell”, “close”, “exit strat.”, and I don’t see “adjust position”

I don’t think you can clear it out outside the desktop software, you can hide virtual FX if that makes you feel better (it’s a virtual position anyway). Feel free to ask IB support as well.

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So I downloaded “TWS” for desktop, clicked “Classic TWS” at the very bottom, then “Account” at the top, then in the area “FX Portfolio - Virtual FX position” right-clicked “USD.CHF” and adjusted position to 0.

My question is resolved, thanks everybody for help!

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