[Request] Comprehensive Guide for calculating BVG (second pillar)

Hello fellow mustachians!
Is there anyone among you who knows about the BVG calculations, and would create a comprehensive Guide on how to calculate it?

I am currently looking for how premiums (and tax burdens) are calculated as a function of salary, AHV, and the distribution of premiums between employer & employee.

If you know a good source out there, please post here :slight_smile:

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There’s no calculation that applies to all the pension funds, it’s different from pension fund to pension fund, and there are sometimes huge differences.

Mandatory part:

  • The baseline is your gross salary from which you have to deduct the “Koordinationsabzug”, which is 7/8 of the maximum AHV rent, or CHF 25’095 in 2022.
  • The maximum insured salary (koordinierter Lohn) is CHF 60’945, the minimum 3’585.
  • The contribution of the employer needs to be at least as high as the contribution from the employee
  • The employer can freely decide how high the total contribution (as a % of insured salary) will be

Many employers often offer multiple contribution percentages from which the employee can choose, e.g. my employer offers 3.75%, 5.75% and 7.75% (total contribution from my side) in my age category.

→ Organisation und Finanzierung der beruflichen Vorsorge


The law just - for most things - merely provides a framework and certain minima that have to be insured. Within or beyond which pension funds have quite some leeway to create and operate their plans.

25’095 (I know it must be just a typo, just in before anyone gets confused :slight_smile: ).

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Thanks, fixed it now :slight_smile:

The employee representative of your pension commission. The contact often appears on the certificate you should get once a year.
Otherwise ask HR to have a copy of your pension plan regulation.
As said above every company is different.