Reorganisation of Forum Content


Hi all,

Some of you might have noticed that the organisation of the content of the forum has changed in the few last days.
This was done in order to make the forum more readable and to make important information more accessible.

Among the biggest changes that were made :

  • The Investing category was too big and the same questions were recurring, so we decided to divide it into three main categories that reflects the most asked questions :
  • “Investing / Brokers” for any question related to brokers : which one is the best for your situation, fees comparisons, how to change broker…
  • “Investing/Portfolio” : for any question related to your investing strategy : Which Asset allocation, which ETFs to choose, …
  • “Investing/ Funding and Currency Conversion” : How to send money to your account with the cheapest fees possible, and how to convert currencies efficiently.

Other than that, we also migrated a lot of topics to the categories in which they fit best.

Also, the section “Bank and Insurances” is now “Banks, Insurances And Third Pillar”, so you can find questions about third pillar there as well.

Finally, We pinned the topic we find most interesting.

If there is any information in the forum that exists but you feel is difficult to locate/access, please mention it in this topic and i’ll treat it on a request per request basis. :slight_smile:


very niche! keep up the good work! really appreciated!!!


Noice! Thanks for the cleanup @Julianek!


Thanks for the good work. At first I cursed at the sight of pinned threads - at other forums this is just wasted screen real estate that frequent visitors always have to scroll through. But when I scrolled to the end of each pinned thread, then it was no longer at the top, so I guess it’s fine.