Renting out a 2nd property en Suisse

Hello Moustachiens,

I remember reading somewhere that as a B/C permit holder you can’t have two properties in Switzerland and rent one of them out. This is reserved entirely for nationals of Switzerland.

If anyone can correct me or perhaps direct me to some documentation online, that would be great.

Many thanks

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Hi Jimbob. I’m not aware of such a rule. Are you sure you’ve seen this somewhere? I would be curious to know as well.

Interesting, perhaps I am mistaken?

Does @thepoorswiss or @_MP know if this is true because if it were the case, then I would have read it from theses guys.


To my knowledge, this rule is indeed true. If you are B/C permit holders, you can have several properties, but they must be a primary or secondary residences or vacation residences. You cannot rent them out, you have to live in them.

For instance, when we bought our house, since my wife is a permit holder, it was present in the notary contract that we could only live in this house, not rent it out.

There may be some exceptions, but I am not aware of the details.

One article that cites this: Acheter un bien immobiler en Suisse lorsque l'on est étranger :...


The only restrictions which apply to C permit holders are those which apply to Swiss citizens. In the case of B permits, limitations depend on where you are from (EFTA and EU citizens get preferable treatment).


Yeah just read the same. EU/EFTA citizens can buy and rent out property with B/C permit


It would seem so. I have a C permit and a British passport where my partner has a B permit and a Spanish passport.

So perhaps we could do this.

I will confirm it to you in the next tax declaration. I hold a C permit, and bought an apartment were I lived for a while and now it is rented and I rent another one for living.

Bank knows and never told me that I could not do it, they just reevaluate the whole case (not sure if other rules applied .

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With C-permit you can do that. And the bank has also no problem to finance you if you are a B permit holder, but the law says - as far as I’m up to date -, a B permit holder need a permission. In general you do not receive such a permission as a B permit holder :slight_smile:

That can be. I bought as a B-holder EU citizen I remember quite clear that it has to be my primary residence

From my understanding, and in general for non-EU… to purchase it must be your primary residence, but after (not sure how long), you can rent it out.

From: Buying property - SWI

"If you move, it is not compulsory to sell the property. The owner may continue to use it as a secondary or holiday residence, or even rent it to third parties.

The owner may also purchase another home in a new place of residency without having to sell the first one. However, a buyer who has no intention of living in the second home permanently is in violation of the law. Changing where you live for the sole purpose of being able to purchase several dwellings without requiring authorisation is strictly forbidden. In such cases, the authorities can make the buyer apply for authorisation for other properties retroactively or even order the sales to be revoked."