Rent and notice period

Hi everyone,

If everything goes well, by end of November 2023 we should enter our new apartment (still in costruction).
However, I wanted to start checking the policies and the rules to communicate to my landlord on time about the need to leave the flat we currently are in.

I checked the contract (signed on October 2013) and it is written:
Kuendigung: 3 Monate zum voraus auf Ende Maerz/September

If I undestand correctly, we can leave the apartment (wihout paying additional months) only at the end of September 2023 or end of March 2024.
If by September 2023, we have till 31 June 2023 to send the letter (what counts is the date the landlord receives the letter) and for March 2024, by 31 December 2023.

If the new apartment will be ready by November 2023 then we have no other options than send the letter by end of December 2023, and continue to pay untll March 2024 (or find a new tenant to replace us)

If by chance the new apartment will be ready before (I was told they will inform us 4 months prior the effective release date, about the exact date), meaning it could be latest by August when they can tell us if it will be released on September/October/November (or even later), then we cannot do too much here too, as we will anyhow miss the window of end of June 2023, to exit the current apartment at end of September 2023.

Therefore, wherever I look at, there are no further option than just wait for the effective new apartment release date and then act accordingly meaning, if we can enter the new one between September-November (or later), we anyhow need to present the notice letter latest by end of December 2023, and asking the landlord if they will accept a substitute tenant which can take over, so we can save to pay till March 2024.

Is my understanding correct?

Thanks a lot

Yes that’s correct, that sounds like a standard contract.

In large cities (e.g. Zurich), everyone I know just finds a Nachmieter and moves whenever though (when the market is tight it’s not very hard to find someone, and it’s usually better for the tenant since they inherit your rent – no rent increase unlike what typically happens on a new contract).


What I usually try to do when renting a new apartment: notice period 3 months is fine, but I want to be able to exit any end of month. This often works as I argue it is stupid for moving trucks to only be busy twice a year. Sometimes the landlord excludes Dec and Jan as exit months (probably more difficult to find new tenants then)

As @nabalzbhf mentioned, suggesting 3 valid potential tenants is enough to step out of the contract prematurely.