Rent a Van mustachian price

anyone knows where I can rent a Van for a couple of hours cheaply? I need to move a couple of tables that I got for cheap. I don’t want to spend more on transport than on the tables.

25-29 CHF/hour at Ikea.
Alternatively regular rent-a-cars (daily rate).
Or FB marketplace “man with a van” people.

Maybe Mobility (mobilityEASY – Pay as you go: be flexible & spontaneous)

Mobility is nice if you have already it, otherwise I think it’s ~40 for the subscription + 5chf/h + 0.something per km.

Ikea works only if you buy something from them.

I’ve never tried man with a van :slight_smile:

Public transport during off-peak hours is the mustachian way.



2EM is cheaper but the filter/search is a pain in the neck

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Otto seems cheap, but when you add all costs it’s more than ikea.

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I’ve came across of sharely. May it can help

Depending where you are and how big the tables are, the following could be an option:



More specifically, student group on facebook.

I’m sure you can find a student ready to help you for a price that is fair and arrange you both.