Renewal of Morgage in 3 years: please advice

Hi Everyone,

This September, my new mortgage will be start. Due to the market conditions, I opted for a fix 3Y at 2.9%
In this mortgage (850K CHF), I have a pleding of the 2Pillar (50K) and the indirect ammortizaiton with the 3A.

I know that these are not optimal figures, but this is what the market and my specific condition allowed me to do. I got a lot of lessons learnt of this exercise and I want to try to clean it up and prepare for the next round, possible way better. But I need some advises from you, please, to better understand.

Mortgage Renegotiation/Renewal. In 2 years from now, I will be actively starting to seek for new options to renew/renegotiate the mortage, with the same or with another bank. I also want to get rid of the 3A (done with the same bank providing the mortgage), as I relized was not a good option for me (life-insurance policy, etc. etc.).

Question1: in case I opt for a new bank, can I decide to bring, for example, +80KCHF and reduce the mortgage to 720K CHF, right?
Question2: what will happen to the 3A Pillar used for the ammortization? I understand I cannot change the 3A if this is used as indirect ammortization. But if I decide for another bank, do I need to “pay-back” the 3 years of ammortization or what?
Question 3: direct vs indirect ammortization. This time I will opt for a direct ammortization, or consider to fit the gap with the amortization (in my case, 90K CHF). In this case, I would only pay the mortgage intererest of 720K at the % interest rates which will be in future available: is that correct?

Thanks in advance for your inputs