Remember 99% of YouTube investing/trading 'gurus' are scammers or at best fakes

‘Gurus’ who are successful don’t share their ‘systems’ or sell ‘courses’ on YouTube.
I am not saying that its a 100% garbage out there.
Remaining 1% are academics who want to teach theory purely for educational purpose.

My favorite video from his channel (link above):

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Same subject here:


Plain Bagel is a real one

Ben Felix is another one


Thanks for sharing the video. Good quality stuff and I see there is much more in his channel. Definitely one to whitelist and follow.

Those are the only two that I watch.

Plain Bagel has made a few videos where he reviews what “finfluencers” say. Quite entertaining.


Ben Felix, Pensioncraft, Plain Bagel and The Money Guys and are my picks.

There’s an easy way to screen whether a video is likely to be bullshit or not, and it comes from printed press: the amount of bright colours and images on the front page, the more the worse. Compare The Times with The Sun for example.


I use very simple method, append ‘exposed’ to ‘guru’ name in internet search.

Patrick Boyle has great stuff, too. Also good background information on current events in Finance.

Two Cents is good for beginners.