Refilling your printer cartridge

Is there any swiss way to refill printer’s cartridge instead of buying a new one each time ? I know it is possible in theory, and i wanted to know if you guys got any tips on what can be a small cash bleed when you own a business.

Yes, there is indeed a way to do this.

Did you consider a laser printer? I’m planning to get a small one for home use

Fed up with the cartridges drying out in our ink jet printer

I print infrequently so always went for laser printers. They can also print a lot of pages cheaply. The inkjet ink in a cartridge is one of the most expensive substances you can buy on per unit weight/volume.

i forgot to say i’m already using a laser printer, but i’m working in a business where we go through laser toner very quickly (one every two months). so i’ll take any refilling option !

Toner refills are dirt cheap. Just make sure you don’t use a printer where they try to put chips in the cartridge to detect re-filling (although some refills provide you with a replacement chip too).

For home use i recommend HP Tango (very small printer) with their subscription. We pay CHF 1.5 per month and they send us the ink for free when its about to get empty.

Price is linked to usage and in our case all fotos are even free. Not sure if this offer is still available.