Reference rate dropped

In case if other people here didn’t notice it yet, the official swiss mortgage reference rate has decreased a few days ago from 1.75% to 1.50%:

If you’re renting, this gives you a right in general to demand a 2.91% decrease in net rent starting from next cancellation date in your rental contract. Or even more if you missed last time(s) the reference rate dropped. Landlords can offset the decrease a bit by a couple of inflation-related factors, so net it’ll be slightly less than 2.91% of course, but still a significant reduction.

Action required. It won’t happen automatically. You need to write a registered letter to the landlord with this request in time before the notice period for your next possible cancellation date starts. Templates can be easily googled. He has to reply within 30 days.


Just took 11 days to get a positive answer, a drop of 2.91%. They claimed 1% due to the evolution of prices, so in the end it amounted to 1.91%. Still nice to get 400.- for free per year :slight_smile:

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