Reduced price highway tax stamp for 2019 - 08.12.2018 only

For the few Mustachians who drive a car, tomorrow at 29.90.- instead of 40.-:


keep in mind the small print…seems a lot of people (me included) skipped over it:

  • *reduced price only applies when purchasing additional goods for at least 100 CHF

If you are going to buy groceries for that amount anyway, go ahead - otherwise save yourself the discussion at the cash register :wink:

Same offer in Denner as well, same caveat applies though and minimum amount does not count tobacco, alcoholic beverages, cantonal trash bags etc…

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usually once per year before Jan the 30th, or (I don’t remember which) do a bundle for winter driving tools plus a vignette for 40 CHF. Which means that basically you get a vignette for free if, like me, you need to rebuy some of the winter tools every year.

I ask myself why is this so cheap. In Poland you will sometimes pay 40 CHF for a single day on a motorway. Also in Switzerland, if you want something like a GA, you will pay 3600 CHF. Of course, the train infrastructure has trains and many more people, but still. It costs 10 mln CHF to build a km of motorway. I guess with the vignette you could build a few km every year :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, this is thanks to the car lobby. With the exception of Germany most (all?) of Europe has highway tolls where 40fr p.a. is dirt cheap in comparison.
Just 2 years ago in a referendum it was rejected to increase this to 100 fr p.a.! Too many inhabitants view their stinky car as their basic right.
Add to that CH has the lowest import tax on new cars wide n far and petrol/diesel is also cheaper than in the neighbouring countries. Pathetic that this is not taxed more.
At least the income tax authorities are more strict on long car commutes these days. In the past a long commute was fully deductible from your income at Fr0.50-1.00 per km(not sure of exact number), almost being an incentive.
Sorry, it’s not quite the OP topic, but it’s a part of costs n taxes in CH.

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road taxes get redirected to other government priorities all the time. In the end drivers will pay more in road taxes than is required to maintain the roads. This is why there was a huge backlash when they tried to raise prices. The bright lights in Berne just overplayed their hand.

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The costs of having a car-centered society are not only roads. There is the damage to environment, the traffic jams, the noise, cities tailor-made for cars, with cars parked everywhere. The pedestrian is pushed to the sides of the road and has to constantly wait on red lights to cross.

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I agree with you in regards to cities, but living in the countryside or travelling long distance makes car indispensable. Another advantage is that it makes travel with children easier and a car packed with family is probably cheaper than public transportation.

I personally believe that the government shouldn’t subsidize neither and just let the people use whatever they need (and pay extra for eventual environment damages, but this issue will be solved out with electric cars within few decades).

I agree, I dont think government spending will solve any problems Bojack outlined

Personally I drive very little, I think its good to be mindful of your resource consumption

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We are taxed to death for driving. We pay the road tax, fuel tax, communal tax and stamp tax on insurance. The vignette is just a distraction, a tourist tax if you will.

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