Recommendation for good pension fund


I am self-employed and have a Pension Fund (2nd pillar at Nest) for me and my employees plus a second pillar for myself (at Axa they call it Kaderplan) which basically insures me for most of my invalidity and death risks. (I wouldn’t do it like that anymore, but I can’t really change anything in the short term for another 2 or 3 years.

Since my Kaderplan and my regular 2nd pillar are at different companies, I can compare a bit the benefits.

Interest rates for 2020

  • 1.5 % at Nest, they give interest also on the contributions during the year, on both Obligatorium and Überobligatorium (régime surobligatoire).
  • 2 % at Axa, but they only gave interest on the amount that was present at the beginning of the year. This one is Überobligatorium anyway.


  • Nest: none
  • Axa: Access to Swibeco shopping platform with a lot of cool discounts (like 7 % on everything at Coop)

I guess that at some point I can change the Pensionskasse.
The question is, what other option there is. Of course I’d like one with more interest.

Do you know a Sammelstiftung (which insures lots of small companies) that has better benefits, interest rate wise?
Any of you have experiences as self-employed or otherwise?


Disability insurance coverage is unlikely to be the same between both plans.
And attractive as that shopping platform and its rebate may be, it is of course a fringe benefit.

With regard to the interest rate differential, it needs to be taken account that at Nest employees will accrue mandatory benefits, that are privileged in important ways. Among them the higher guaranteed conversion rates for monthly pensions. Also, at least some countries (neighboring Germany) will be taxing mandatory and non-mandatory payouts differently.

Yeah, the benefits are nice, but in no way important.
I know that the maybe 500 CHF I can gain per year there are nothing compared to higher compounding interest rates.

I’ll need go and see a consultant to see if I can improve my pension fund outcome.
The whole thing is very confusing.

Currently I will get a conversion rate of 5.5 % with Nest on Obl and Überobl together, which is not too shabby. But since I am about 30 years away from retirement, I should see if I can get a better deal elsewhere.

I know that VZ is doing a comparison between all the provider. You should check with them.
The most important points are:

  • Fees (Up to 10x between two funds)
  • coverage ratio
  • interest rate

Same guys from Finpension.

…it should coincide with them reaching a conversion rate of zero per cent, if the current trend holds.