Reclaiming the 35% Tax from Swiss Dividends

Each time I receive dividends from Swiss Stocks I get a “Coupon Statement” document in my online banking. Under the Tax Information details, it’s mentioned that I can reclaim 35% of the Tax.

How can I reclaim this money? Is there any online guide?
I just realised that I might be losing a lot of money because I’ve never reclaimed anything. The only thing I do is to declare the stocks using the online tax declaration form.

I’m an european citizen living in Switzerland (Permit C). My Bank is my broker.

That’s exactly how you claim the withholding tax, by declaring it in your tax declaration. It will eitger be credited to your account or subtracted from your tax bill, depending on the canton.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. Then I guess it’s way easier then I expected, the online tax form is so easy as I don’t even have to do anything if I didn’t purchase additional stocks in the previous year. And when I do purchase, I only need to input date and number of shares… Great to know.