Recently graduated U.S./EU citizen to start first job in Zurich...where to I begin?


As the title post says…born & educated in the U.S. but I hold an EU passport as well as a U.S. passport. I am hoping to live a Mustachian lifestyle in Switzerland…but am worried that I am not savvy enough yet to know which steps to take.

I will be making a healthy salary with plenty to save after Switzerland-level living costs and expenses.

Any topics in this forum or specific Mustachian Post blog posts I should start with?
Any U.S. Citizens here can help me understand how to deal with taxes and investments in the Switzerland? I will be making over the exemption amount for U.S. taxes…but am interested in investing in safe and responsible ways to increase my financial independence in a few years…
Any help much appreciated. Feel free to PM me, and/or we can get in touch once I’m actually on the ground.