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Guys been reading more than posting and it’s been great, thanks to all that contribute. I have what might be a strange question but let me try.

Does anyone know of a website that could track real estate prices by location in Europe (looking primarily outside of Switzerland)?

We’ve been able to accumulate some wealth and are looking to buy some property in the south of Europe. One that can double as a vacation place but also used for rental. Our target area is Spain, Portugal … in the golfing areas. One of my curiosity’s is to understand if Brexit has had any impact on real estate prices in those areas and if there are 1) Brits looking to cash out on the EUR/GBP rate or 2) just generally less demand and thus more opportunities

cheers and thanks for reading

Check idealista data. They have some comparison on prices per square meter over time.

My father in law is going to buy a villa in Portugal golf area. Price didn’t go down but you can negotiate discount. Traditionally it’s a British / Nordic market but with COVID, Brexit and GBP devaluation Brits are not visiting and buy. I feel this is temporary so you have window opportunity.

I would also check how easy / difficult is to give construction permits in the places you are looking at. My feeling is that Spain is overbuilt in the south. Portugal less with less big buildings outside the Faro area. I would expect Algarve, especially the rural areas before Lagos to appreciate over the next decade. Distant but not too much from airport, Golf courses, not many tall buildings, space, green and beautiful weather. Lagos is great but windy and after Lagos quite far from the airport.

Turkey, bodrum and Southern cities are very cheap at the moment.

Disclosure: I am not a real estate specialist

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thanks I was trying to use but idealista might be the way… will check it out. the area we like (that we’ve visited in the past) doesn’t depreciate as you said but maybe some people who bought when the GBP was high and will now make a profit since they sell in EUR might be more open to negotiation… if I may ask where is your father in law looking? We are looking in the Almancil area

Sure no problem. A little more down Carvoeiro and a little more in-land. He also owns property in Alvor. It’s nice beaches and restaurants but I prefer Carvoeiro. More residential, lots of single or 2 floor villas with pool, tennis courts. Nothing too opulent but good quality

In the south of Spain you have much more things to do than in Portugal. I would buy a property in Sotogrande, 1.15h from Malaga airport, great golf clubs around, 40 mins from Puerto Banus-Marbella

thanks for the tip! will look into that… but the food is better in Portugal and people are nicer :wink:

I dont buy that statement @Carambau hahaha… food in Spain and Portugal is mind blowing equally! (you find more variaty in Spain because it’s bigger, which is normal).
People I agree in Portugal is very nice, but we, spanish, are very welcoming and nice :wink:

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