Real Estate in Germany

Hello Mustachians,

Does any of you own Real Estate in Germany and earn rents? There is already a topic for France but not for Germany.

So i would like to purchase a property in Germany next year, at least it is my goal.
Does anybody knows if it is possible to take a loan from a German Bank as a portuguese / swiss citizen? What about taxes ?

Anyway, i’m looking forward to chat about opportunities and share your views of the market.

I think Dr. Klein can help you get a loan for DE as a CH resident

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I will certantly have a look. Didnt know this option

For german housing Real estate, you can also buy Peach properties on the Zurich market If you want diversification and liquidity. No need to take a loan because they do.

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Peach properties? What is this exactly? Never heard about that. I need to google it
Thank you !

I meant Peach Property group

Edit : in fact they don’t offer dividends. Maybe that was a bad advice for you

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