Rates of the commercial compulsory insurances

According to my understanding of the salary slips, some of the compulsory insurances are commercial, i.e.

  • Non-Occupational Accident Insurance (AANP/ NBUV)
  • Daily Sickness Benefits Insurance (IJM/KTG)
  • risk of invalidity/death insurance (part of LPP/BVG)

If I am not wrong, premium rates here are not fixed by a government. Moreover, each insurance company may provide a different cover (right?).

In order to sleep well :wink:, how to confirm that an employer has chosen an insurance company which offer attractive rates also for an employee? Do you know any webpage, which would show the average premium rates/compare rates of different insurance companies?

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As far as I know, it’s an opaque business. You get access to the data of your own coverage, so you should check that you are happy with it and contact your delegate or employer if you are not (it’s mandatory for companies to have a delegate of their employees involved in 2nd pillar decisions).

Otherwise, I’d shop around. Send some job offers, interview, see what others have to offer until I find a policy that suits me. If more people were doing interviews with the express purpose of finding a better 2nd pillar plan, we’d probably all have better plans and would weed out the shitty ones that seem to be far too common (like mine, ewwwww…).

Edit: I wanted to display my own data on this but translating the technical terms in English and formatting it had the best of me. Is someone willing to craft a format so that we could build our own database for comparison (thanks if you do!)?