Ramp/Pump and Dump, other Investment Scams

Hello all,

Did anyone else get this to sign off recently? It is RISK DISCLOSURE REGARDING RAMP AND DUMP SCAMS for me to sign off.

Many thanks

Yes. Also the same not specifically for HK.

I have signed.

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Yes, had the same too.

I also got it, but only as a mail, to read. Nothing to “sign off”.

I got an e-mail first, then a notification in the message center of the web interface later- that one needed to be signed off.

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Great thanks. Always good to double check!

I also received a mail and later a notification. It disappeared after I ignored it several times. I hope that there are no (negative) implications.

maybe here?

I’ll post a link to your post above.

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Another interesting story from a person being scammed.

Just in time concerning

Are you overconfident in your investment decisions?

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Doctors are especially prone to scams because they’re attractive targets (high income) and generally smart people, in charge of taking decisions, but in a specialized field (medicine). It can affect others of us too.

A variation of the serenity prayed might be warranted?

Grant me the ability to act within my domain of competence,
The humility to respect what’s outside of it
And the wisdom to know the difference?

An ace of clubs may be an ace but it shouldn’t be relied on for diamonding (or spading, or hearting).

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Yup, lots of reasons, some off the top of my head:

  • lack of time outside work → delegation → getting scammed
  • overconfidence in being so intelligent that they should be able to analyse financial stuff
  • underconfidence outside their field of expertise
  • trust in other people wanting their best, as that’s their own work ethic
  • not wanting to engage with money as that’s not the reason they are working.
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