Question on annual coast and charges Statement from IB

Hi there,

I checked today the coast/charges statement from my IB account. I was surprised by the relatively high amount of the coast:

Also when I further checked the definition of the investment services it did not became clear to me:

For reference last years statement was relatively clear with the remark of commissions

I did not do to much more of activity than last year but still the coast is quite elevated and I’m not sure where it does come from.
Does anybody of your have experienced something similar? I would assume that the coast is only coming from FX transactions (2$ each) and share/ETF which is usually even lover than 2$ so I’m totally surprised.

Any insight is highly appreciated :smiley:

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They list withheld taxes as costs, not sure why.

The 317.27 should also be listed in the tax statement.


IB being True mustachian at heart!


Withholding taxes indeed. It freaked me out when I saw the number there too. And it took me a while to find where it was coming from.