Quantitative trading and HFT firms in Switzerland

$subj, what are the players here in Switzerland?

So far I’ve heard

  • Citadel Securities (HFT division of Citadel, a giant Chicago trading firm) - opened up a small office last year in Zurich Seefeld with a dozen people
  • IMC Trading - used to have an office in Zug, seems closed?
  • Tensor Technologies - a small startup in Zug trading futures by ex-IMC people

Any others?

Big swiss banks don’t do proprietary trading, or do they?

Hi, did you got more information about your inquiry? I’m interested in learning more.

A few people are still working remotely from Zug for IMC (most of them used to work for IMC when it has a Zug office, it is now closed). I believe they are open to hire remotely.

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