PROSUS NV - DIVIDEND RIGHTS under IBKR(Interactive brokers)?

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It’s my first time encountered this, I have read every sentence on the print-screen twice but I am still not sure what it is about and what I should do. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

the 2nd photo was just to show the red sentences as they were not shown due to lack of space

it’s the first time I see the divident appear as an independent item under my portfolio

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It’s a choice dividend (though unlike in this particular case, most such dividends offer you a choice between receiving cash or additional shares).

As it says, Prosus are offering stockholders the choice between taxable cash (from earnings, basically) or non-taxable cash from capital to receive this dividend.

Since IBKR are withholding the first choice from you, there’s nothing you can or should have to do at this point - though the obvious question is if and how this gets correctly reflected in your next tax return (and ICTax).

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Thanks, I was confused because these 3 things put together in my print-screen 1. IB says they can only non-taxable cash for me 2. then I can input numbers under the “field current” choices and “new choices” 3. IB says if I don’t do anything by the deadline, it might harm my portfolio (the last sentence)

I received this now

This notification is being sent as a reminder that the following security is subject to a voluntary corporate action.


Election period expires: Sep 16, 2022 03:00 EDT

Per our records, U*** has shares eligible to participate in the offer which have not yet been allocated to an election choice.*

Should you wish to make an election, you may access the corporate action election tool by selecting the Support menu options within Client Portal. Once selected, navigate to the Corp Action Manager in order to view all open voluntary offers for the account.

and this

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