Property purchase costs | Zurich canton

Am i right to assume following costs:

  1. notary fee (0.1% of property value)
  2. Land registry fee (0.25% of property value)

I understand transfer tax is not longer levied in Zurich. Capital tax gain sits with the property but seller should pay it.

Am I missing anything ?

@thepoorswiss writes here that a total of 5% of fees is to be expected.

I have no practical experience in the matter.

I would definitely plan for more than this.

Notaries can charge significantly more than 0.1% depending on them.

If you have no transfer tax (droits de mutation?) in Zurich, you are going to save a lot of money indeed.

At the very least, I would account for 1% of the house value ready to go in cash. But in most cantons, I would recommend 5%. In our case, we ended up around 4% in the end.


I just purchased a property in the Canton of Zurich and the fees were 0.2%

0.1% for the notary and 0.1% for the land registry. We covered all the fees on our end as it was a transaction within the family, but often the fees are split between the parties. In Zurich notaries are controlled by the government and fees are standardized.

We also paid 0.05% for a new provision we entered into the land registry and 0.2% of the mortgage value for the creation and entry (0.1% each) of the debt certificate.

Source of these numbers is the invoice I paid yesterday.


Thank you Marcus!

When did you pay these fees?

For the notary meeting or after?
Same for land registry. Are these due for the notary, after or at completion (could be many months later)? Thank you

I received the bill with all costs directly from the Notary (the land registry is handled by them; Notariat & Grundbuchamt) the day after signing, payable within 30 days.

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That matches my experience, paid 0.1% to the notariat.

Now looking to pay 9% taxes (plus notary fees) to buy something in Italy…

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