Property distance from train station

Dear mustachians,

Wanted to get your view on one matter.

I visited a property over the weekend outside zurich city but on Lake side. Property is great but it’s over 20min walk from the closest nearby railway station. There is also a connecting bus.

Around Zurich lake, would you consider over 20mins (1.6km) from railway a big no? Or is that common around the lake to be that far from the station?


For me personally it wouldn’t matter, I also don’t live close to a train station now. Anyway, I don’t use public transport that often maybe 1-2 times per year or even less. I always use my car to go somewhere like work, shopping, trips, etc.

I guess the closest from the train station, the more expensive. The same applies in all city areas in Switzerland (all the coast between Geneva and Lausanne for example).

At least, there is a connecting bus (+) and you can commute using a bike to/from the station.

Noises near the property (main roads, railways, air corridors) and/or level of public/private service are important too.

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or an E-Scooter - like those which stay around everywhere around Zurich. :slight_smile: They’re really cool.

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