Proper wiki outside of the forum?

Hey there,

As pointed out by several users (incl. @djbabasil recently), the info in the forum is getting harder and harder to find for the most common questions.

I’m thinking about launching a proper wiki outside of the forum.

Hence this post to open the discussion and gather some feedbacks :slight_smile: /cc @Julianek @Bojack


Yoohooo. @_MP writes a draft (only with the technical stuff) und publishes it on the forum -> forum members comment / correct -> MP now has the key informations and can use his talent to publish a investment tutorial serie on his blog (and place some affiliate links :sunglasses:) -> the forum old members now have a source where to send the new members to learn -> the new members learn and use the affiliate link -> everyone is happy :smiley:

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The topic of a wiki has been talked about multiple times, the latest attempt being the whole “Wiki” section of the forum. People can already create wiki threads there, with posts editable by everybody.

The weakest part though is that people just do not contribute. There was a big work at the time to index all the interesting threads and put them in the wiki section, but the reality is that nobody ever added another useful information in this section.

My experience after four years on the forum is that people don’t really wan’t to contribute to a wiki and prefer being spoon-fed by the few having a meaningful experience with investing.The proof of this is the recurrence of the questions asked on the forum.

So we can try a wiki outside of the forum, but with a caveat: the most likely outcome is that _MP will have to write it all.

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Yeah, I don’t think a “proper” wiki will change much. Even the people who propose these ideas do not contribute to the existing wiki. And look how easy it is: you already have the login, you know how to use the forum, nothing it stopping you. And the new wiki would be a separate login.

I think it anyway takes some proper editorial work to make it readable. If @_MP found the time and motivation to do this, I think it would be nice to have forum threads dedicated to each new post, where we could discuss if we all agree or if anything is missing. The first step would be a plan, a table of contents.

Thanks guys for the food for thoughts (as well on the other thread).
What I may end up starting are some series on investing, budgeting, etc. on the blog to keep the number of platforms to manage to the lowest.

Keeping you posted!

I think the idea of the wiki sounds great. May I suggest the reddit wiki:
for the swissFIRE subreddit:

I’m the mod of that subreddit and could use some help to write/beef-up the wiki :slight_smile:

Keeping this in mind, thanks for sharing @zmo!

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