Professional non-commercial user

Hi all,

Today i received the notification from IB that my account has been marked as “Professional Non-Commercial user” saying also that “There are some market data vendors which will allow you to utilize the retail pricing for your personal use. Eligible services for Professional Non-Commercial services are listed below.”

I entered last year November with a lump sum purchase of ETFs, then bought only some few more only with the dividends received. I respect all the 5 rules in order NOT to be classified as a Professional user.

Do you have experience? Why is that? Does it mean that i could potentially pay taxes on capital gains?

Thank you all for a feedback

These are rules of Swiss tax authorities which have nothing to do with IB. And other way around.

As I see, this only concerns pricing for market data. For cheaper tariffs you usually have to state that you are a private investor using these data for yourself.

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Thank you Dr PI.

So at this point why would they classify me as Professional user?

And do you think this might have an impact on swiss tax authorities judging my account?

No idea. Maybe your profession/employment looks like you are a financial professional.

I am 99.9% sure it won’t.

Unlikely. It is fairly difficult to be classified as a professional investor and the behaviour you describe won’t raise red flags.

The status they have assigned to you is internal to IB.

Today I got the same message. I have no idea why.

I have noticed that I got free realtime stock price quotes on some stocks and ETFs:

Before it was always 15 minutes delayed. Maybe this was the reason for the message?


I also suddenly had real time price instead of 15 min delayed. I guess it has to do with minimum balance in the account, but could not find any information about that.

Anyway, got real time at no cost (before used the free snapshots), so won’t complain.