Professional help tax declaration in ZH for investments (stock, dividend, crypto)


I’m looking for someone who could help me with the section “Wertschriften-und Guthabenverzeichnis” where I need to declare my stocks (mainly CAN/US), dividends, and crypto currencies. I have a basic understanding of what to do here, but since it’s my first time filling it out this section I would rather pay someone to advise me correctly. I don’t need someone to do my full tax return, but just need some guidance with this section.

Let me know if anyone knows someone they could recommend for this.

Cheers, Jeff

What’s your specific question around it? You usually fill the positions you hold at the end of the year and any received dividends (for the US stocks use the DA-1).

Maybe this guide (not mine!) will help you as it shows pictures from the ZH Online Tax Software:

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I’m a little confused on how exactly to record dividends in this form, specifically what to report under the “A” and “B” column, and where to report the dividends received including date and amount. Also, if I need to input any specific code* - Unfortunately my German is rather limited and LEO and google translate where not exactly helpful as the wording is a little jargony.

Additionally, I’m also unclear on how to report crypto in this form, and if staking rewards also need to be declared and treated as income. Its unclear if I need to report every single buy order I made for crypto, including very small amounts as well as buying crypto’s other than the main ones like BTC, ETH etc…

I highly recommend using the online software (there is also an offline tool which works too!).

Reason for it is that you can search for the stocks / etf’s / crypto you have and state when you bought how many. Afterwards, it will automatically calculate the dividends (make sure it’s the same amount as you actually received).


Column A is basically interest on bank account (should be stated on the “Zins und Kapitalausweis”), lottery earnings and Swiss stocks which do immediately deduct the 35% Verrechnungssteuer. All the others are in Column B.

And +1 on using some computer software for this. Zurich announced today that fully online filed tax declarations are accepted starting for 2020.

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Thanks for the replies - very informative. I’ll give the online version a try now :slight_smile:


It has nothing to do with the broker beeing swiss. The Verrechnungssteuer is 35% and affects regular (= all dividends subject to income tax) dividends from swiss based companies/funds.

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