Production tracker/time tracker tool?

I’m reading the book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins (great read btw) and he’s talking of a concept on how to master your time and schedule. Starting by tracking your current schedule, then optimize, then apply on a day to day basis.

It remind me a lot of budgetting and YNAB in the approach. Afterall, we say that Time is Money so… :slight_smile: I wonder if you guys know a tool that can help? A “YNAB for time” ideally, or any other approach. Of course you can do it with a pen and paper or an excel spreadsheet, but if something better exist, I’ll take it.

Thanks for your ideas and input!


I‘m sure it helps to build habits so you do something regularly or start stacking stuff you want to get done on your regular existing habits. Keeping track looks like to much plan and not enough freedom (my opinion). (I‘m currently reading Atomic habits).

Does it also talk about methods while you are doing something? This would be one:

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This is what you’re looking for and it is free : Toggl Track: Effortless Time-Tracking for Any Workflow

You can separate by project and define the tasks for each project and can generates reports.

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I was searching a few months back (mostly to track some tasks at work as my time was very fragmented) and settled on Clockify.
Similar to Toggl I suppose, cannot remember why I picked this over it.
Check what fits better (UX or otherwise).


Thanks guys, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll try both.

The idea is not really to plan too much and being psycho-rigid about it. Yesterday I dropped work to spent 30 minutes playing with my newborn second son just because he’s starting giggling and laughing… I can’t see myself shout “get lost baby, I have work to do, the app say so!” :joy:

Exactly like budgeting, for me it’s just the need of having things slapped in my face to be aware of my reality. The debut with YNAB was kind of brutal… “Damn, I spent 250.- CHF this week alone in cheat food… and I wonder why I’m broke AND fat…” I expect to do the same with time. I’m know that I spent to much time on unproductive things, get sided-tracked a lot, but I need to see the number in front of me to really tackle it.

Hope it help others!

Not in this book so far. Thanks a lot for this technique, it seems pretty straight forward, I’ll try it.


This might be what you are looking for:

A friend of mine is very happy with it. I might buy one aswell.

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I like the idea, but my budget app says no :slight_smile:

I tried both toggl and clockify and finally I’ll stick with the second. The basic dashboard better fit my need without having to pay for premium options. Thanks all.