Private haftpflichtversicherung?

Hi there

I’m wondering if you think its important to have a private haftpflichtversicherung? If yes, which one do you have?

Thanks in advance

It’s not expensive at all - under 100 Fr per year, and quite worth it.

For example it would cover damages on moving out if you’re renting

Besides not being required by law, it is absolutely mandatory to have a Haftpflichtversicherung. There is just so many opportunities in daily life (think of colliding with a cyclist in traffic who then goes to the hospital) that could result in claims which easily break a whole existence from the financial point of view.

go to comparis and check it out. @hedgehog correctly points out that it is not expensive.

Thanks for your answer! we are not renting but sometimes I borrow a car so that could be a potentially risky situation

yes it seems like a cheap way to protect part of the stash (most of it is not personally in my name) and personally as well. thanks for your reply!

It’s extremely useful if you own more so than if you rent - my neighbors had a situation years ago when a pipe in their apartment (their property by reglament) burst and flooded apartment downstairs. Pretty expensive damages as you can imagine. Insurance covered everything. Some part was covered by mandatory building insurance however too

Cars are usually excluded by most policies here though. As an option you can however often insure occasional non-profit use of friend’s cars, for a surcharge in premium. But unless these are rather expensive and newer cars, it’s probably not so worth it - it’d just cover damage you caused to his car or premium rise in case of a vollkasko claim. Damage to third parties is mandatorily insured by car’s owner.

In general the more wealth you have, the more sense it makes to have liability insurance - premiums stay fixed and protect you from improbable but potentially catastrophic consequences to your wealth. Your liability, practically speaking (legally it’s more complicated) is limited by your wealth, the more you have the more you’ve got to lose. If you lose everything you have to start from scratch. So spending a bit in premiums to offset that from happening is very worth it.

I took one from AXA (along with household stuff).
Also a bit of extra to cover for my travel luggage loss/damage.
On a yearly basis it is really quite cheap and worth it IMO.

I strictly believe you liability is not limited to your wealth unless you prove the oppoosite :slight_smile:
Even if you are without property, a claim of CHF 200’000 can get you into this amount of debt. “privatinsolvenz” might be a buzzword here.

there is a lot of extra options, check it out and decide for yourself.

That’s why i said that legally it’s more complicated. Noone can simply physically take more from you than what you have. In Switzerland however there’s no personal bankruptcy - if you hit rock bottom and what you have is not enough, you’re liable for debts also with your future earnings/wealth. Payments can be deducted from your salary and you could be forced to live just at bare existence minimum. But that’s in theory, or if you want to stay here. In practice one escape route is to emigrate to a different country with more favorable insolvency legislations. UK is particularly famous for its bankruptcy tourism

Be careful that in a lot of stuff is mandatory to have it. For instance in a lot of youth association (church groups, soccer teams and so on) there is this assumption that your have to have it or your kids cannot participate in summer camps/training camps and so on. Sometime it is explicitly mentioned (family of the kid must have haftpflicht) sometimes is not but I don’t know how it works if something happens, since the usual practice is to have it.