Private banking | real estate abroad

Are you aware of any Swiss private bank that can finance mortgage / loan abroad?

CA next bank gives mortgages for RE in France or Germany, a private bank might be able to finance something abroad if you pledge a portfolio. I guess if you specifically mention private banks in your post you must have some cash on hands as the threshold between retail and private clients in CH is usually above 1 million AUM.

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Have you looked at Julius Bär?

If you have a lot of assets then any private bank should arrange it for you

otherwise HSBC for UK - they don’t require huge assets like 10 M USD+

Thanks. No unfortunately I don’t have this large amount :slight_smile: hopefully one day.

I heard some private bank they are happy to let you in with 500k to start but then need to scale up to at least 1m over time.

Do you think they offer mortgage or they broker mortgage with a more traditional bank?