Preparing for tax declaration


I did a lot of research (here and elsewhere) in the last period, but I didn’t find a clear, summarized, recent discussion/guide on the preparation of the tax declaration, thus mainly documents.

A bit of context: I’m a 27 years old Swiss citizen living in Ticino. I have around 30k in bank and 5k in IB (to be invested shortly in VT and in the future adding bonds, diversifying with the 5 factors for stocks and tilting away from US; I’m very open to critics here). I’ll start working next year (income around 80k). For the Pillar 3a, I will open the classic 5 accounts with VIAC (80% world), investing the max (7k) each year and the rest of my savings in my accumulation strategy (VT, etc in IB).

Preparation for the tax declaration: I should keep expense records for what I can deduct from the taxes and prepare the following documents of the previous year:

  • health insurance summary
  • bank accounts summary
  • salary certificates
  • IB accounts summary (for this I have no experience, but I guess it will be easy to export)
  • DA-1 for the withholding tax with USA dividends 2022 - DC (DFE) - Repubblica e Cantone Ticino (with only accumulating ETF, I think I don’t need it, but for completeness I added it)

I have no experience with bonds (ETFs and real ones), so I don’t know which document you should prepare.

If I missed something or you have any remark/critic, please comment below; thanks!

Just a quick comment on this point:

  • VT is distributing (as all the us domiciled ETFs)
  • to claim back the withholding tax there is a minimum thresold of 100 CHF - iirc - which, assuming a yield of 2%, you will reach at ca. 35k invested in VT → no reason to bother with DA-1 as of now

Thank you for the heads up!

For the investments, you’re right, sorry for the confusion. I will invest in VWCE (that should be a good accumulating variant of VT).

About the DA-1, I don’t get the reasoning, because 2% of 35k is 700.

Then WHT of the 700 is x0.15 ~= 100 (105).
I guess that’s what was meant.

Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t get if the minimum threshold was on the net or gross amount.

Yes this is exactly what I meant, thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

@DonCammne you find the reference in the DA-1 form from the link you posted; footnote 4 in the last page “Se le imposte estere non ricuperabili (col. 8) non superano complessivamente I 100 franchi, il computo non viene concesso”. Anyway, if you are planning to buy VWCE: that ETF is an European one which should not have any explicit Withholding tax to claim → another reason not to bother with DA-1

Thank you again for the explanation! Maybe when I’ll have more money and I’ll switch to a more distributing strategy, I’ll check for it again (probably in a FIRE future prospective) :slight_smile: