Precious Metal ETC


With the current drop in precious metal prices, I am considering buying some, especially Rhodium. I have found this ETC : GB00B684MW17 . How can I find the brokers where it’s available ?

Is it available on IB ? DEGIRO ?

Thanks for your help.


It’s a death wish :slight_smile:
But yes, XRH0 is available to buy on IB

Thanks for the answer.

Why a death wish ? This particular ETC or the Rhodium price evolution ?
I was thinking putting a very low percentage of my portfolio.

Can you estimate the true value of Rhodium to make sure you are not overpaying? Metals do not compound, they do not generate value. This is an instrument for speculation, not investment.

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Yes, for the fun part of the portfolio, like cryptocurrencies.
It’s not my main plan for early retirement :smile:

BTC and gold is fun enough.
How would you have felt holding XRH0 only a week ago?

Not sure how, with an amount I was ready to lose it should have been ok, and with crypto you get used to two digits variations. I am only considering it now because the price is down -73% from the top. Maybe an opportunity in this crisis ?

Well if you ask me, this was a trap from the very beginning. I’d be surprised if people walk into this slaughterhouse again.

So many opportunities around. Why chose this one?

It seems there is a regular trap pattern

Well, this is not the only one I am choosing, just the one I was not sure where to buy. Now you have raised my curiosity, are there any particular opportunities you are thinking of :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Are you serious? Almost the entire world of assets is selling at a largest discount in a decade :slight_smile:

I know, that’s why I said “particular” :slightly_smiling_face:
Obvious answer would be a Total World Stock ETF, I was wondering if you were thinking of less obvious choices.

I’m reading you want high risk high reward. Airlines, hospitality industry, tourism, retail, us oil producers, cruise lines. All of those are down the drain. If you pick wisely (i.e. a company which is not going bankrupt) and have the patience, you can win big. You could also try investing in Boeing :wink:

Thanks for this detailed feedback, you are reading well.
In the meantime, Rh have had a nice bounce :grin: :