Postfinance transfer issues

Hi everyone,

I recently moved to Switzerland and opened an account with Postfinance (CHF & EUR accounts)
I am having trouble transferring money from an Irish account to PF, some transactions work, some bounce back.
Over the phone PF support have told me the IBAN I have entered does not match my name, kinda strange as some transactions work and I have setup myself as a payee in the irish bank app so the details should be identical for every attempted transfer.
Any advice?
Thank you,


Seems a bit vague to be able to help.

Banks usually require (or should require, not all of them do!) the beneficiary details to match the account holder details they have on record otherwise they may reject the wire transfer.

Transfers to the EUR account are SEPA transfers and therefore should work okay. I have personally never experienced any problems with PostFinance and love how easy it is actually.

Maybe contact the bank you’re sending the funds from? Their back-office department has certainly handled the cancellation and might give you more details.

First time a transfer got rejected the bank in Ireland told me I left the remittance info blank.
Afterwards I populated the field and the next transaction went thru.
The transaction after bounced…
Now PF said the IBAN I sent to does not match the IBAN associated with my account, however I do not change that info when I make a transfer.
I can’t seem to get a straight answer from either bank, I’ll try calling Ireland again, thanks for the tip Ed.