Postfinance transfer fees

Hi all,

Not sure I interpret the PostFinance online documents correctly
Assuming I use the e-finance platform, but over the counter prices would be interesting as well. Can anyone clarify these questions please:

  1. what is the cost to transfer CHF from PostFinance CHF account to CHF accounts with a bank in a different EU country.

  2. what is the cost to transfer € from PostFinance € account to € account with a bank in a different EU country.

  3. Also, are there any limits to these transactions? ( number of transactions & amount per day/ week/month)

Thank you


This is oddly specific. I would call the customer support.

As I understand it:

From personal accounts using E-Finance…

  1. CHF 2.- plus correspondence bank fees, if applicable (if sent as SHA with shared costs)
  2. Free
  3. Yes (no bank will allow transfers in truly unlimited numbers/amounts, for compliance reasons)


Usually free, but some EU banks do charge for incoming SEPA transfers from outside EU (like CH) because they techically can do so per SEPA rules. Only EU-to-EU are really free.

They don‘t need to be.

I see no reason why EU banks would not be able to charge for SEPA transfers (whether incoming or outgoing) - as long as they do it non-discriminatorily between EEA member states. The fees don‘t have to be „zero“. They should just be the same for all applicable countries.

Most banks have just chosen not to charge for incoming (intra-EEA) SEPA transfers.

Actually it’s EU+EEE, so EU and Norway, Iceland ans Liechtenstein. No luck with Switzerland. And this only applies to EUR and SEK transfers.

Also, like @San_Francisco said, they just have to have the same price as national wire transfers up to 50’000 EUR (EC No 924/2009). And these are free for the most part.