Postfinance introduces negative interest for savings over 100k

Real interest on bank accounts for the last 75 years:



Interesting graphic, but I somehow cannot match the title with the image. I clearly see that between 1985 and 2010 the real interest rate was positive, for a short time even over 2%. And I was speaking from my own experience in Poland, where many people kept money on time deposits and you could really save a bit money this way. Here’s the chart for Poland:


Blue: time deposit interest rate
Yellow: inflation rate

As you can see, for most years the rate was over 2% higher than inflation, which is decent for a zero-risk investment. But what’s happening now in Poland is shocking. Time deposit interest rate fell to 0.20%, but the inflation is already over 4%. Savings of Poles shrink by 4% annually.

There have been longer periods of 20+ years where the interest rates where mostly positive. But there were also periods negative real interest rates.

Yeah, that’s news to me. So the article should be titled: “Negative real interest on time deposits? It already happened”. But not “Time deposits were never profitable”

I like the comments along the line “why is anyone holding 100k+ in cash!”, I’m pretty sure they come from people with less than 100k Net Worth :slight_smile:

So, let me see if I got it right: holding cash is stupid, and of course holding bonds is stupid as well!

What’s left for someone who’s not a Zoomer or a late Millennial? 100% in stocks? In this overhyped environment? Is the only non-stupid thing to do to hold 100% in leveraged Tesla shares or there’s still some hope for someone who doesn’t like gambling and happen to have more than 1M CHF?


Buying real estate might be another “non-stupid” thing :smiley: In the end you’re timing the market and you should feel bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Wanting to invest less than 90% (or say, 93% in my case) in the stock market is timing the market?

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I see your point now, but yeah maybe time to start some new asset class? CrowdHouse was mentioned by your Greek friend as an example. Or physical Gold stacked at home like a pyramid :smiley:

My mattress has enough space for a lot of thin 500 CHF Bills :smiley:

MattressFIRE to the rescue!

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Don’t set your mattress on fire.

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Don’t forget to spray it for silverfish!


I have bad news for you hahahaha



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