Postfinance "improvements"

Sorry for the ironic title…

I wonder if someone found an official documentation about the new change for the deposit with an ATM. I did read it inside e-finance as a little news but otherwise I just found an article in german:

The weird thing is that the article says it will cost, while PF says it will be free. I wonder if the deposit of USD EUR is free but then the withdrawal costs (especially for USD since there is no swiss ATM with them).

I’ve never seen a bank maching so many changes at the same time and all disjoint:

  • ATM deposit now disallowed: news not found
  • Banking packages: separate news, not even easy to find on their site! (still showing normal accounts)
  • Negative interests: again separate news, not shown anywhere other than on its news page.

That’s what someone called “confusopoly” in order to distract people. You can go from paying just stamps (yes, now paying by letter means/meant you pay the stamp. when I used it it was free) to paying 8-20chf monthly. This story remings a news from a while ago where the US postal service CEO is/was a stockholder of UPS I believe and was slowly crippling USPS in order to make more money (or to help orange-man)

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