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Hi all,
I periodicly check rates for car insurance on, and noticed a very cheap offer from PostFinance. I currently pay around 1’700.- for full coverage (Vollkasko) with Basler Versicherung, but got an offer from PostFinance for only around 1’200.- for more or less the same coverage. They seem offer very competitive rates but are new on the market, and according to the AGB, whitelabel a product from Great Lakes Insurance SE (owned by MunichRe).

Anyone here with experience with PostFinance car insurances? Found an article by Moneyland, but no customer experiences so far.


Fwiw I am a customer since 2019 and I have been fine with the offering so far. However I haven’t had to make any claims yet. I am interested to hear from others on this topic too.

Hi everyone,

I am with them and must say had one claim and they payed.

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How was your experience dealing with their customer service? Any complications, or just like any car insurance company?

I believe they whitelabel an Insurance-as-a-Service startup which runs their operation (Toni Digital), so you have to essentially deal with an inexperienced unproven startup, in case you have a claim. I am concerned that they run out of liquidity, get aquired by somone else, or screw up some other way, not something I would like to happen to the insurance of a 40k+ CHF car. Maybe am exaggerating a bit, courious to hear some other views.

Well as I said they were like every other insurance. And dealt with the claim and payed but well what can I say I did not go through their balance sheet to see their liquidity. Guess they are used to insure cars in all price ranges so don’t think that 40k would be a super expensive car for them…:sweat_smile:

fair enough. Will double check the terms and conditions and most likely switch to them.

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