Postfinance ask CHF 96.95 Order e-trading tax statement


I just realised Postfinance provide a service that provide a tax statement. What surprise me is the fact that you have to pay for it. Is that a standard practice in other providers?

Is it practical to do it by hand otherwise? This is how I started doing it but to be exact with the dividends in different currencies in at different dates and the different withholding taxes it can become daunting.

What do you guys think?

You don’t need it for taxes. The tax program can do everything for you, you only need to type in dates of your trades

The only thing you need from them and which I think they should send for free is certificate about additional US withholding if you’re holding any US stocks.

Thanks for your quick response. I am currently living in Zurich and using the online version of the tax software. Is true that is it possible in this software?

Another question when I am at it and as it seems you are hinting into this direction. What are you required to declare really? Last year I declared the total value of the portfolio with printout of the securities a December 31, as well as all the dividends during the year as income. But it seems like it was not enough. They also wanted all the trades I did during the year. Is that standard? Should I include it as well?

I don’t use it

In the offline java program, as long as the stock is in ICTAX database you only need to type date of transactions and number of shares, it’ll compute the rest of numbers automatically

It’s not strictly required by law, but maybe they suspect some inaccuracies, want to double check how you computed the dividends

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In the offline java program, as long as the stock is in ICTAX database you only need to type date of transactions and number of shares, it’ll compute the rest of numbers automatically

I downloaded the 2017 version of the Java program but I cannot find for the love of Bogle where this magic form/feature is. Could you give a hint? I suspect this is this “Betitelungen im privatvermögen” section but I don’t see the number of shares or anything like that.

Ok I finally found where to enter this properly. This is totally possible on the online version which I would recommend to anyone. For the one like me that would have not found yet how to do it it is on the security list, on the right of each line you have an edit feature that open another view where you can search for the security.

“everything is quite easy once you know how to do” (my own quote). this goes for the ictax feature. I had a accumulating etf which made its yearly financal statement in july, so I had to postpone my declaration until august. the error said “wird zu einem späteren zeitpunkt festgelegt” because until the etf made its declaration nobody knew how much of the value change were earnings/dividends.

I have just checked and one of my etf doesn’t have a value on ictax.
Even for 2016, the value is still “wird zu einem späteren zeitpunkt festgelegt”
I wonder what i will do

I think I may have done it by hand in the past. I found it here with the name or ISIN:
and then you can type all the distributions and values by hand into the declaration

Right, but this fund is accumulating. I have seen that the yearly closing in on the 31/10. What the hell !

The fund is Lyxor MSCI China A Fortune SG (DR) UCITS ETF.
Not a very smart move from me to chose this ETF. The spread was also quite important, but it’s was the only one tracking the MSCI china a, the other one are tracking the msci china a international or the csi 300.
Now it’s sure i will sell it and take a more serious company than lyxor

I would just integrate everything “as good as you can at the moment” into the declaration and then see what happens/leave the problem to the Steuerverwaltung.
otherwise you can postpone the declaration a second time in summer until 30.11. without any explanation

You did fine by providing the dividends as well as the value on 31 December. The taxation office wanted probably to check if you are actively trading in which case they would consider you as professional trader and even you capaital gains would be considered as income :frowning_face:
If you held a title more than 6 month it should not be a problem.

You can find therefore the criteria concerning “professional trader”. If you follow all the rules, you are sure not to be considered as a professional trader. (should be the case if you follow the mustachian concept).



In reality, the rules are not applied stricto sensu. As long, you are not taking loan to invest and buying/selling at multiple occasions in a short time frame, the capital gains won’t be taxed