Postfinance and Swissquote launch a new app called Yuh

I think that I will made a registration and give it a try to look how to use the app. It is quite interesting for trading some ETF and some cryptocurrencies.

I’m wondering if their 0.5% fees for trading is an all-in-one fees (which include the stamp duty as FlowBank). If yes, as @xorfish said it is much better than anything else availabe from Swiss brokers.

If you trade 2’000 CHF each month in a Global ETF, it will cost 10 CHF “only”. Still expensive in comparison to IB, but cheaper than any other Swiss broker!

I think this only apply for trading, not for purchasing abroad ?

This redemption value is recalculated on a monthly basis as Yuh reinvests 10%* of its revenues into Swissqoin.
* 10% of subscriptions revenue

Swissqoins is interesting. Does someone understand what is meant with subscription revenue?

Online Payments in CHF / EUR are free, withdrawal abroad is not.

What are the fees related to investing?

We hope you’re paying attention, there may be a quiz later. When you buy or sell a product, a transaction fee of 0.5% will be applied to your order. Example: if you buy CHF 1’000 of investment products, your fee will be CHF 5. The mininimum fee is CHF 1. But we like you a lot, and we are not charging any custody fees to store your investments.

Specific investment products such as Trending Themes or ETFs may be subject to additional management fees.

Again, why are Swiss broker/bank always hiddens specific fees despite just showing it… Transparency is always an issue with them…

What are the fees related to currency exchange?

You already know that we keep our fees low – it’s part of the reason you like us. The exchange fee varies depending on the selected currency pairing, but they are generally very low (under 1% of the transaction amount for major currencies). The fee is already included in the exchange rate displayed in the app.

Not obvious for me, if I go in Norway and I pay directly with my YUH MasterdCard, will the FX Rates apply the MC FX Rates (like neon) or the current FX rates from Swissquote + 0.95% of majoration?

If so… Then I don’t see the real advantage of having 12 differents currencies…

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I found 5 ETFs, including VT. Also SPY, ZGLD and CSSMI.

At Swissquote, many ETF can be bought for 9.- flat.

At the moment, I don’t see yet how I could profit from Yuh. It seems they’re more or less lining up with other, similar offers, without adding something really new.

If I saw that right, they offer packages from 2022. I guess that’s meant with the subscription revenue…

No deposit fees. If I would invest only 200 CHF per month, I would rather go with this thing.

I don’t know how you calculate your fees with Swissquote, but you are missing others “hidden fees”

If you want to trade for example VWRL on Swissquote you will pay : 9 CHF (because it is listed on their ETF Leader) + 2 CHF for the SIX Swiss Exchange + 0.85 CHF (Swissquote commission) + 0.15% of the amount (let’s says 2’000 CHF) for the stamp duty.

So at the end you will pay: 9 + 0.85 + 2 + 2’000*0.0015 = 14.85 CHF

Their marketing about 9 CHF flat applies ONLY for the commission of the product itself unfortunately.

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For a Swiss-based broker this looks interesting. Basic investing could be done with them for sure. Card payments, not sure, my feeling is Neon and Wise are cheaper, but I’d have to look in detail.

One big bummer: This is their introductory offer only. From 2022 there will be 3 packages, only one of them free (the next cheapest 4.90 CHF). And of course, they don’t tell you what these packages are, at least I couldn’t find it. This is basically a deal breaker for me. I am not setting up (yet another) account if there is a real risk that the offer will be much less attractive half a year from now.

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So the redemption value will go up at first in 2022…

How they can claim to have very low currency exchange fees if the fees are nearly 1% is beyond me.

Marketing :upside_down_face:

I think that these fees are quite ok for people you don’t really go deep to know if there is better solution elsewhere.

The more I’m looking at this app, the more I have the feeling of : ok they did a great job, but they screwed it up on several point… Especially on the FX Rates. At least, they could use like neon, the MC FX Rates for purchasing aboard… And for investment transaction, let say that this 0.95% currency exchange fee could have been ok if you really don’t want to go with a foreign broker and have the simplicity of an unique app to do everything.

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Yes, you’re right. I was too quick.

I have the impression that it is on purpose. They looked at their competitors and made sure they didn’t go too far.

I’d also really like to know about their 2022 pricing model. Looks like they’re laying out their net, catch as many customers as they can, and then hope that many people will opt for one of the non-free models rather than move elsewhere.

Did anyone found a complete list of those 100 shares/ETFs/Cryptos they offer? Or is anyone registered and could provide screenshots?

If that 0.5% on investing is all-in, this could be an interesting offer for people that invest with (very) low amounts. However it also seems you don’t buy directly; they buy everyday before close and you effectively get a daily price.

To be fair though, that’s just like any other broker:
You buy an ETF (or any other investment product, really) - and that fund will some internal costs and fees.

Just a word of “appreciation” to the marketing experts who came up with the name “YUH”. That beats ZAK and NEON. I guess they took the first 3-letter combination that didn’t mean anything.

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I signed up. It looks nice. Will play around with it.

I couldn’t find a list, but I made a screenshot of ETFS and Crypto. The rest is a bit tedious to screenshot.




Hope this is useful.


For people who want a first review of the app, you can read about it in this blog (only available in german, but you can use Deepl for translation) : Yuh – die neue Banking-App von Swissquote und PostFinance - FINANZDEPOT

For now, it seems that you can only invest in 5 ETFs.

At the end, I think this app aims young people (18-25 years old) in order for them to have a free account and start to play and invest in equity, ETFs, crypto ; not sure about the utility for FIRE community.


so that’s why the apps of Swissqoute and PostFinance are crap. Both not working for me for over 4 weeks. I gave up after several conversations with the support. Last coins moving away from SQ (to hardware wallet). It costed me a lot to convert all the coins to BTC, but now I’m relieved.

I like the 7th definition: “a word that is super litty and has no meaning but is still fire.”

13 cryptos, 5 ETF, only 100+ of “the most sought after” individual stocks and negative interests on savings. Few hidden gems to be found there. I’d say you’re right in your assessment and no, it seems to be aimed at people more hype than us (and willing to loose money on chasing cryptos/stocks that go to the moon!). It’s nice that they have VT but the forex fees are somewhat too high to make it a one stop app for passive investments.

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