Possible to only have voip with a swiss number?

As written in the subject, is it possible to only have voip with a swiss number? I did a quick good search and find it possible. Therefore I hope to get some first hand experience here. Thank you so much.

I’ve used my netvoip and Peoplefone for many years now, and the service has been flawless.

I can second the feedback about Peoplefone. Been using it for the last 6 months; flawless service, and no need to get in touch with anyone (through phone or old school postal mail) to get set up and transfer an existing number. Everything can be done online through their interface or pre-filled forms for official stuff, that can be uploaded once signed straight into their interface.
Also, haven’t received any complaints from anyone regarding call quality or call instability when making or receiving calls.


wow great. I would research into Peoplefone then. I assume with Peoplefone, I can port my existing cellphone number (078xxxxxxx), make phone calls, receive phone calls and receive sms whevever there is internet. Is it correct?

If somebody looks for a very affordable option, on preispirat.ch somebody mentioned OHV Voip. It seems to be also high quality, but for just CHF 1 per month, and nealry unlimited phone calls to land line of several countries included! OVH VOIP - Anrufe in 40 Länder inklusive (inkl. Schweizer Festnetz) - 0.99 Euro/Monat - Preispirat or VoIP : Solutions de téléphonie sur IP - OVH TELECOM

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Regarding the SMS part, you’d have to look into it yourself, as I transferred a landline number, but everything else looks correct to me.