Portfolio opinion 15 years to FI


BRK has done it for any 10 year rolling period in the last half a century. So it is hard but not impossible


Then why not go 100% BRK?


disappointing to be honest

You should manage you expectations then :slight_smile:

Essentially you are asking here if your portfolio will outperform the usually recommended low TER index fund mix, which is a question nobody can answer

All I am saying is from past experience it is unlikely


I was as well surprised about the dogmatism on this thread.
Yes, low fees index ETFs are usually are a (very) good way to achieve FI.
It does not change the fact that there are a few Managers that have consistently overperformed the market over the last decades, and Buffett is one of them.
Even if he dies tomorrow, Berkshire is constituted of companies that are so good that they are drowning in cash and will still generate cash in spades. Buffett is only implicated in capital allocation (i.e what to do with the money), not in the overseeing of operation of Berkshires’ companies. And his successions is well prepared with Todd Combs and Ted Wechsley, whose track records are impressive as well. So it is not at all outlandish to consider that BRK will continue to provide 10-12% per year in the next decade.

I do not know Fundsmith, but if you did your due dilligence and you are convinced that this manager will continue to outperform as he did during last decade, good for you.

The only thing i am not sure about is real estate, maybe you can develop more about your decision so we can debate about this.

And regarding play money: as long as you are ok with the fact that it is really speculative and that you won’t put more funds in it, it should be ok at the end. i would personally not do it, but during Q4 2017 half of this forum was investing in crypto, so i guess there is a need to experiment.


I also sometimes get the impression as if I’m visiting the Bogleheads forum :-).

I’m not quite sure what is really the best way, which is why every transfer to IB gets 50% invested into VTI+VEA+VWO and the other 50% to my “gut feeling of the moment”. As of now I managed to outperform the “index” despite volatile 2018, yay.


Yup, dogmatism is a right word to describe it.

So on the REIT: The reason was diversification to reduce exposure to highyl valued tech and biotech stocks, thus managing risk.