Portfolio distribtuon: a first look

Well, I’ve finished putting all my assets together in a spreadsheet and this is how it looks like when it comes to asset allocation.

Regarding my target portfolio here are some explanations:

  • Cash: 6% to cover the daily cashflows plus some emergency buffer (aprox 2 salaries worth)
  • FI + Bond: 16+16 to sum up my age: 32. According to the grandpas’ strategy
  • Alternatives: 10% correspondst to my current 13.84% stake in Bitcoin. It is a higly-risky highly-speculative investment that so far has provided my excellent returns. My strategy with bitcoin is “Zero or Hero” so I will not sell them even if a massive price dump occurs. I’m thinking of leaving them out of my total asset calculation.
  • Equity: all the rest

So basically I should exchange cash for equity and it should be more or less balanced.

Now some questions:
What do you think overall of the portfolio distribution?
Do you guys include your Pillar 2 and Pillar 3a on the asset total? I have included them so far as they are heavily exposed to Equities and I wanted to have a clearer picture of that exposure.
Any ideas are welcome!

Have a nice weekend ahead!

hey @citricut
nice portfolio! The first good thing is that you seem to have a pland and are determined to stick to it no matter what. Beyond that, any comment will be more of personal taste.

The only thing that (to me) seems to be a bit un-mustachian is the bitcoins, because they are so highly speculative and nobody knows if you get a risk premium fror that on the long term.

Also, my personal taste went to (or close to) 100% equity as you can see here. but the grandpa’s rule surly is also a sound foundation.

I calculate my pillars separate since i have no (2nd) or only limited (3rd) control over them. Since the first is bond based, my overall portfolio is not 100% stocks + emergency cash but has a bond share, too