Portfolio advising (start)

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone stay safe about Covid19🙏🏼.

I’m asking for help creating my stock market portfolio.

I am 25 years old and I recently graduated and am now a salaried employee.

I want to invest CHF 5000 for the first time and inject CHF 1500-2000 every quarter. I think that investing in Vanguard ETFs for the USA (VTI) is a good idea and I also think I have a small investment in the Swiss stock market.

I have prepared my Interactive Brokers account and it is ready to receive my funds after the current crisis.

I am asking for help towards you, dear investors the best investment advice in the stock market. Many young people are in the same situation as me.

The discussion is open, thank you in advance for your help

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Best advice? Just start now. And keep on investing. There’s not been a better moment to do this in years.

One thing, unless you have strong reasons for having just Switzerland and US covered, simply use VT.

I think it’s better to wait a few more days/week until the juste before the end of pandemic… anyway I really want to know what ETF/shares I should invest ?
Thanks guys

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If you have no idea, a diversified ETF is probably a reasonable option.

Investing (almost) everything into one country’s stock isn’t very diversified. I’d only recommend if you have good reasons for that.

Why one single country market?

(Yes, and even though a large portion of its companies’ earnings and revenues will be international, it’s still heavily leaning towards this one jurisdiction)

Not saying you shouldn’t - just to have some reasons to do so.

Something I didn’t specify and that’s important, the goal here is a long-term investment.


Welcome Louis,
I would recommend you have a look at:


Lesson #1: understand what you do. Do some homework. Ask specific questions.

Start with VT, and then read and learn until you have (or not) a reason to deviate from it which is meaningful to you.

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Why should I start with VT ? What is the reason to start with instead of other stocks or indexes ?

Thanks guys

Because 95% of investor who who thought thay can beat it failed :slight_smile:

Because that’s the most diversified, so that’s a good point to start from, and if you decide to diverge try to have concrete reasons why.

Nonsense. If you’re here to preach, at least preach with actual facts, not some make beliefs pulled out of your ass.

All you had to do to beat VT in most years especially recently is to buy VTI or VOO instead. A good fraction of the world (many US investors) does exactly that.

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Studies show that an average retail investor makes 2% year. SP500 returns are hedge fund territory. Better look up your own arse :slight_smile:

More nonsense, lol

Someone’s salty 'cause they underperformed S&P 500 with their allocation :slight_smile:

Thanks for caring. I’m more than happy with my portfolio allocation :slight_smile:

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