[Poll] What is your broker of choice at the moment?

In fact I’m trading with Strateo. Not because I think they’re the best but because when I started 3 years ago, they were the cheapest on some moneyland comparison chart.
They have a nice UI, miles “better” than CT and IB, atleast for understanding. The fees that hurt me the most right now are currency conversion fees of 0.6% as I’m buying ETFs in USD instead of CHF. Other than that, they charge you 0.08% (min. 60.-) a year for your depot.

If fees didn’t matter I’d stay with them because the platform is easier to navigate and stuff is way easier to find. But as they do, I’m currently considering to switch to IB (like everybody else on here it seems). In my calculations Strateo was about 25% more expensive than CT BUT Strateo is a qualified intermediary while CT isn’t.

To be fair, the IB app is pretty easy to use and from what I have heard the web-version too.

I wonder how many customers they loose by not including those options in the trial.

Conspiracy theorie: It is a deliberate strategy to filter out people who can not be bothered figuring out TWS, like they do with the outrageous spam messages XD (those are deliberately so obvious to only get the most gullible which are most likely to get them money).

But you can test the WebTrader demo.


I find the arguments about ease of use ridiculous. If you’re a buy and hold investor then you make 1 trade per month or even per quarter, so it’s totally irrelevant how stuff looks.

Neat, I am pretty sure that was not the case when I switched.

I personally do not mind TWS, I would have probably even switched even if it had just a command-line interface, the app is pretty neat though, especially the readonly mode.

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