Poll: Salary in GVA for a Senior Soft. Engineer

Hello everyone,

I am at the final stage of a recruitment process and in the next meeting I will negotiate the salary. The job description correspond to a Senior Software Engineer, with the following main skills:

  • +10y experience in Backend and Frontend development
  • 5y experience in devops/cloud infrastructure.
  • Will manage a small team (4-6 people)

I’ve been trying to evaluate what could be the salary range according to the job position (GlassDoor, Salarium, swissdevjobs website…) and it seems around 145k per year could be a fair value but I don’t know if I’m too biased…

What would you think it would be a reasonable total salary in a medium-sized enterprise in Geneva?

a) 100-120k per year
b) 120-140k per year
c) 140-160k per year
d) +160k per year


Thanks in advance!

C) seem a good bracket in finance/ banking environnement.


“D la réponse D”

In a more serious way, I would say that C) is a good bracket for this kind of position, especially if they really want you.

Also C but only for the base salary.


b, c, d → depends on the sector, benefits…

Thanks guys for your answers!

Don‘t forget to factor in add-ons including but not limited to

  1. GA
  2. Additional contribution over the minimum to 2nd pillar from employer
  3. work hours per year (to calculate hourly rate)

Especially 2&3 are not as good as initially thought in my new job.

I‘d say salary at least 140k as a senior with team-lead given your experience.

And ask them how much they‘re willing to pay and not the other way around & don‘t mention your previous salary as jobs are rarely comparable and might only bring the salary down that they‘re offering


I have found this to be helpful: https://www.michaelpage.ch/sites/michaelpage.ch/files/legacy/michael_page_salary_guide_2021_en.pdf

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