Poll: how far from retirement?

How far from retirement are you forum members (according to plans)?

  • 26+ years
  • 15-25 years
  • 7-14 years
  • 0-6 years
  • partially retired already
  • retired already
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I actually thought I was a few years out from retirement, but after joining this forum and running the numbers in greater detail and challenging some of my assumptions (level of expenses, need to pay off debt prior to retirement), I figured out I could technically retire now.

However, I will wait a little before retiring as I want to do a few things first:

  • Get Swiss citizenship (maybe not necessary, but I am wary if chances are reduced without a job)
  • Stuff my Pillar 2 (had I realised I was close to retirement, I would have done this earlier) with the view of transferring it into a VB account to grow tax free
  • Do some major home renovations (roof replacement, bathroom renovation etc.)
  • See how the current economic situation plays out. My baseline expectations are for a recession in 2024 and so if that does play out, I would want to see how my retirement stash is impacted (including if it un-retires me) and use the opportunity to invest in the stock market at hopefully better prices
  • Let some stock options vest

A 60% stock market crash would do the job :slight_smile:

It’s a good point. Would retirement really be ‘safe’ if it couldn’t withstand, say, a 60% loss in year 0 for a decade or so?

I would only retire if simulations (like the FIRE calculator of @thepoorswiss ) gives me 100% chance of making it until the age of 65 (or 63 at the very least), and then move to AHV and 2nd pillar.


Firecalc.com suggests that I suceed in 108 out of 108 scenarios, but get close to failure on some.