Poinz credit cards from Swisscard

New offer from Swisscard: poinz - Cartes de fidélité et deals

Seems to be better than Cashback cards

Why better? They seem to have exactly the same conditions as the Cashback cards or what am I missing? With the disadvantage that you can spend your Cashback only on poinz stuff whereas with the real Cashback card you get the amount deducted from your card bills which seems to be a better approach for me.


Looking at the terms and conditions:

Der der Saldo des definitiv verbuchten Cashback einen bestimmten, von Poinz festgelegten Betrag überschreitet, kann sich der Abonnent den Betrag ganz oder teilweise auf sein eigenes, auf Schweizer Franken lautendes Bankkonto in der Schweiz auszahlen lassen. Die Auszahlung kann über die App veranlasst werden. Gebühren und Kosten der Empfängerbank gehen zu Lasten des Abonnenten. Poinz ist von der Auszahlungspflicht befreit, wenn das vom Abonnenten angegebene Bankkonto einer anderen Person zuzuordnen ist oder nicht existiert.

The cashback is 0.25, which is 0.05 points higher than the Cashback Cards.
Is it worth creating a Poinz account, doing all the administrative procedures and manually transferring the cashback to your bank account every X time, for 0.05 more points? I don’t think so. You might as well keep the current Cashback Cards or use the Cumulus/Supercard cc.

I think the offer is interesting for a really specific niche, but for a Mustachian who wants to simplify his life and not over-optimize (time is money), it’s not worth it. (My opinion).

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Okay true. But anyway I pay 99% with American Express so the 1% applies. I use the Mastercard only as a backup for the very rare cases where AmEx is not supported. So, the 0.05% difference would only apply to the backup payments and therefore be negligible. I also prefer to get Cashback automatically without having to use an app to have it wired to my bank account.


I also use the Amex when possible, and I use the Manor Mastercard (0.5%) when necessary

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I use the crypto.com card (5%) always…


Poinz is an anagram of Ponzi, although I don’t see how one can scam people signing in for a free credit card.

Besides jokes, I will probably register with the goal of receiving the initial balance and initial higher Cashback (in comparison to Cashback cards).


They want you to save all your payment methods in their app to get cashback from vendors (independently from points, sorry, poinz, generated by using the credit card), which I am not going to do. My observation about the anagram is getting a bit more serious.

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A Cashback of 100 CHF is required to cash out. Should be quiet easy with initial Cashback bonus, but afterwards I am not sure I am going to use it. Depends very much if it has e-bill.