Placing Orders @IB: too many options ;)

Dear all,
I use IB for my 6-fund-portfolio.
has anyone experience or read up about the various options to place orders? like market, limit, smart, IBalgo,…? I read up abit on the TWS User’s Guide, but in the end i am not sure how all this translates to my typical <$1000 trades costing $ct 20-40.
Especially the “reward for providing liquidity” at NYSE caught my attention. on the other hand, at an average of 30 cents commissions per trade, i wonder why the **** i spend thought on this :wink:

:smile: I’m still relatively new at IB (a few months) so still so chuffed at great currency rates & trades for a $1 where earlier it was Fr 25 or 40, that I’m not looking for “optimising” and only use “limit”. Look forward to read about alternatives, but to be honest probably won’t bother.