Pillar 3a - working temporarily in Switzerland (and cashing in afterwards)

Hi all,
I’ll be in Switzerland for around 3-4 years from now. I am EU citizen and currently saving around 30% of my Swiss income and inversting in ETFs with a non-Swiss broker.

I know that I can make volontary contributions to pillar 3a and get a tax deduction on the savings (which, due to Quellensteuer, I need to apply for retrospectively). I will be leaving Switzerland in 3-4 years and am trying to decide whether I should contribute to the pillar or just invest the money in my private savings plans.

Also, after having left Switzerland, what are the options for cashing in on 2nd and 3rd pillar (if I decide to contribute) and is it wise to do so? (My grandfather still receives some rent from Switzerland for having worked here a while during his youth.)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and suggestions! :slight_smile:

If you max it out you will probably pay 1000-2000 CHF less in taxes per year. So I guess it’s probably worth it, even if you have to do some paperwork to get it out when you leave Switzerland.

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